Win Magazine is the most widely-read computer magazine in Italy.

The latest ADS data confirms primacy of the Edizioni Master monthly, on the newsstands in October with lots of novelties.

Milan, September 2004 - Win Magazine, the ICT magazine published by the Edizioni Master Group, is the most widely-read computer magazine in Italy.  This is confirmed by the latest ADS surveys on circulation during the period from June 2003 to May 2004, according to which Win Magazine has a moveable average of 109,136 copies per month.  According to the same source, the following are the results of competitors in the computer field: PC Professionale (105,136 copie), Computer Idea (98,017), PC World (77,086), Computer Magazine (50,046), Il Mio Computer (40,908), PC Open (40,098), PC Magazine (38,210).

The exciting circulation data of the Edizioni Master monthly is destined to rise by the time the next surveys are undertaken:  as the publisher Massimo Sesti states, "The latest ADS surveys confirm the absolute primacy of Win Magazine as the most widely-read computer magazine in Italy with more than 109,000 copies circulated, but this is only a starting point.  In fact, from the very first issues this year, the monthly has been recording sales shares that are constantly higher than 120,000 copies per month; combined with the increase in the number of subscriptions, these figures will contribute to further increasing the movable average of the future ADS surveys."

Moreover, a series of interesting novelties will characterise the forthcoming releases: "After the launch of the new Plus Junior version - continues Sesti - with a CD and a game for children in its complete version, as took place last month, the October issue will be on the newsstands with a new format (225x287), a good 164 pages and graphic re-styling that aims at improving the magazine's readability.  As a gift to its readers, the issue will also include a CD with the official Microsoft Service Pack 2, for updating the operating system.  Advertising collection has also increased substantially compared to the income earned from these activities during the same period last year, confirming the positive trend that newsstand sales are undergoing and recording an increase in income deriving from advertising amounting to 210%.

Having reached its seventh year of publication, Win Magazine deals with a large variety of issues within the ICT framework, including in-depth studies on hardware, software, peripheral units, CD-burning, telephony, computer safety, digital graphics and the Internet, using a clear and easy-to-understand language.  The masthead caters to a public of increasingly faithful fans between the ages of 20 and 45, with an average income, who use the PC mainly as a hobby and who like the practical cut of the magazine and the quality of its enclosures most.